Videocam cheaters & how they operate (Part 3)


By the way, my article written in parts 1 & 2 does also apply in other electronic products (Example: Cameras).

To further elaborate on point 8 in part 2 of this same article.  My former colleague, a specialist in handheld cameras had all the popular brands & models of cameras already "adjusted for poor performance" via the settings menu, so that he can sell his desired brands/models better.

So why do they NOT wan to sell you what you want to buy?  Simple....

A) Some brands are trying to control market prices.  The profit margins of some of these brands are so thin that you cannot give any discount otherwise there is nothing left to profit!  As such the profit margins of some other brands are bigger than the rest.   If each salesperson takes 20 minutes to sell an item, would they rather they sell something that earns $5, $30 or $300?

B) Key dealership.  Some retail outlets are the "key dealers" of a certain brand.  To get "key dealership" status, retailers must either have a 1) good track record of selling that particular brand of products in larger quantities than other retailers, or 2) commit to a minimum quarterly or annual quantity of the brand's products.  In return, the retailers will be getting a lower cost price as compared to the rest of the retailers.  Take note , that key dealership status is exclusive and usually only less than a handful of retailers across the island are granted this for every brand.  In view of this, these "key dealers" will push these brands very aggressively (And also commonly, condemn other brands).

C) The hotter the product, the higher the profile, the worse it is (For retailers that is).  Imagine this... If there was a product which was better than all the other competitor's.  You can be sure that almost all buyers would have checked the market prices amongst all the retailers on the island.  It becomes a price war.  Whoever can offer a lower price, will get the sale...  Again back to MOTIVE A, why would they want to sell you the product at such a low profit margin when they could easily dissuade you to buy something else so that they can earn more?!

D) Enter the "Dragon".  Here's the opposite.  The lesser known a product is known, the better!  This is because the chances of the prospect buyer knowing it's actual market price is much much lower!  "Dragons", "Hum Bao Bao a.k.a. Hamburgers", "House products", "A products" are some of the commonly known terms and vary between different shops/retailers.  These products could be anything ranging from obsolete models, soon to be obsolete models, poor specifications model to even high end models that did not receive favourable reviews from magazines (See my upcoming article on AV cheats).

E) "But I saw this retailer selling what I want to buy!"  To gain customer credibility & trust, most retailers would want to carry all the popular models (Albeit only in very small quantities, usually only 1 pc).  So seeing the same model you want to buy does not mean they are ready to sell you that model.

F) Authorised distributor.  Obviously this dealer has gotten the exclusive representative rights to sell this brand in Singapore and they will sell their representation as compared to other brands.

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Apologies if my 3 articles are patchy at certain parts as I am typing out directly as I am thinking.  Take note that these 3 pages will be subject to some modifications from time to time to facilitate a smoother reading experience and also to add on more facts once I am able to recall more.  Please do visit periodically for updates and also share this site with your friends and forum members so that they are made more aware of the real going ons!