MILF - er says....

1) Sorry. I know I've been away for a ridiculous amount of time and have not been updating my site at all. End of the year also meant work is plenty, and 17 hour workdays seems like the norm since start December.... oh gosh! Health suffered, sleep suffered (I awake in the middle of my sleep thinking of work!), social & family life suffered too! Only a few more days to go.....

2) I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Before I forget or get too busy to do so). May all your loved ones and you have a pleasant holiday season. Ciao!!

Why "I'm a MILF -er"?

A lot of friends have asked me..... why the title?

MILF is a term that was made popular after the movie, AMERICAN PIE. No no no.... This web-blog is not about MILFs, pictures or videos but I figured MILF would be a good word to put on my title as I suspect it's probably one of the frequent words being used on search engines. However all that is said... this web-blog is not about MILF (yet). It's an abbreviation for

I'm a Man Into Lifestyle and Fashion -er

Similarly, regular visitors to this page will be treated to men humour, articles on men's interest, and more about men, men and men!